Suhaagan 12th May 2023 Written Update

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Suhaagan Written Update

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The episode of Suhaagan that aired on 12th May 2023 begins with Madan and Rekha being upset with Phoolwati’s behavior. They are discussing her recent actions, and Phoolwati overhears them. She tells Madan that she will make him the villain and herself the heroine of the story. She wants to become the favorite of all the girls in the village and Amma’s dearest daughter. Phoolwati also tells Madan that she will get the house and farm on her name soon, leaving Madan even more upset.

Suhaagan 12th May 2023 Episode Highlights:

These are the key highlights from Suhaagan 12th May 2023 Written Update. You Can Go Through These Highlights To Know More About Suhaagan 12th May 2023 Written Update.

  • Madan and Rekha are upset with Phoolwati’s behavior
  • Phoolwati plans to make herself the heroine and Madan the villain
  • Bindiya talks to her parents and misses them
  • Phoolwati tells Madan that she will get the house and farm on her name soon
  • Bindiya recalls her father’s promise to bring malai cake
  • Phoolwati interrupts Bindiya and Payal’s cake cutting
  • Master ji announces a game and makes two teams
  • Payal and Bindiya play against each other in the game
  • Payal gets upset and intentionally pushes Bindiya
  • Dadi advises Bindiya to cheer up Payal
  • Bindiya shows Payal the candy floss gifted by her friends
  • Payal pretends to get a sprain to make up with Bindiya

Suhaagan 12th May 2023 Detailed Written Update:

Meanwhile, Bindiya talks to her parents and expresses her longing to be with them. She says that if they were with her, she wouldn’t have to cry. Phoolwati interrupts them and tells Madan that she will make him look like the bad guy while she becomes the hero of the story.

Later, it’s time for Bindiya’s birthday celebration. She recalls her father’s promise to bring malai cake for her birthday. However, when Phoolwati brings a cake, Bindiya gets teary-eyed and says that Baba had promised her a malai cake. Phoolwati eats the cake before anyone else can have it, leaving Bindiya feeling sad.

Master Ji arrives and announces a game that will be played in teams. Payal and Bindiya are on opposite teams. During the game, Payal tries to distract Bindiya, but Bindiya manages to win. Payal accuses Bindiya of cheating, saying that she has a small hand because she is small in size.

Phoolwati brings tea for Amma and tells her that God will give her big happiness soon. She then asks Madan why he isn’t saying anything. Madan remains silent, still upset about Phoolwati’s behavior.

After the game, Payal and Bindiya dance to celebrate. Bhim checks the tape recorder and announces that the electricity is gone. Bindiya sings a song to cheer Payal up, and Payal dances. Dadi praises Bindiya’s song, but Payal feels that nobody is appreciating her dance. She intentionally pushes Bindiya, which makes Master Ji scold her.

Payal says that everyone loves Bindiya more than her, and she doesn’t want to stay in the house anymore. Bindiya tries to console her by saying that everyone loves her too, especially her. However, Payal accuses Bindiya of wanting to be everyone’s favorite and asks her to enjoy wearing her new dress.

Dadi advises Bindiya to cheer Payal up and shows her the candy floss that her friends gifted her. Payal looks at it and thinks about whether Bindiya will share it with her. She pretends to have a sprain in her foot to get Bindiya’s attention, and Bindiya rubs her hands to warm up her foot.

Payal then tells Bindiya that she is no longer upset with her. Dadi tells the girls that they will become each other’s strength if they stay together and each other’s weakness if they don’t. Bindiya and Payal agree to have the candy floss together. The episode ends on a positive note, with the girls bonding over their shared experiences.

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