Maitree 10th May 2023 Episode Written Update

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Maitree Written Update

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The episode begins with Dinesh and Sadhana showing concern for Maitree’s well-being and inquiring about her day. Dinesh specifically asks if she has been injured, while Sadhana examines Maitree’s leg. Maitree responds, mentioning that today has been an unusual day for her. She proceeds to share the incident of meeting Harsh, who managed to secure the contract that they had previously canceled. Maitree expresses her belief that competition is intensifying and emphasizes the need for her to focus on her tasks.

Maitree 10th May 2023 Episode Highlights:

These are the key highlights from Maitree 10th May 2023 Written Update. You Can Go Through These Highlights To Know More About Maitree 10th May 2023 Written Update.

  • Dinesh and Sadhana ask Maitree about her day and check if she’s injured.
  • Maitree shares her encounter with Harsh and how he acquired the canceled contract.
  • Maitree feels the competition is increasing and needs to focus on her work.
  • Harsh and Maitree browse each other’s online profiles, creating curiosity and apprehension.
  • Maitree offers to help Sadhana set the table and notices some pictures, prompting a conversation about her marriage and business.
  • Vasundhara’s brother informs her about an upcoming visit from a potential groom’s family for Princy.
  • Sachin decides to discuss the situation with Maitree and takes action against Nandini’s potential interference.
  • Nandini and Ashish discuss Maitree’s situation, with Ashish feeling guilty and Nandini worried about her own secrets.
  • Sadhana suggests Maitree consider marriage, but Maitree asks for more time to focus on her career.
  • Maitree meets with new clients and faces recognition from a customer who saw her in the news.
  • Ashish and Nandish have a conversation about Maitree, leading to doubts and suspicions.
  • Maitree accidentally encounters Harsh again and experiences discomfort.
  • Maitree contacts her family to share the successful meeting but crosses paths with Harsh once more at a restaurant.
  • Maitree observes Harsh’s determination to win clients at any cost.

Maitree 10th May 2023 Detailed Written Update:

Meanwhile, Harsh and Maitree independently search for each other’s online accounts. Harsh eagerly hopes for an opportunity to meet Maitree, while she earnestly wishes to maintain a safe distance from him.

Later, Maitree approaches Sadhana and offers her assistance in setting the table. Sadhana agrees, and as they set the dinner table together, Maitree notices several images and inquires about them. Sadhana advises Maitree to consider going ahead with her marriage plans, citing the decline in her business. Maitree responds confidently, expressing her belief that the company will bounce back. Sadhana points out that images of Maitree and Ashish are widely available on the internet. Undeterred, Maitree asserts her determination to find new clients and not give up easily. Sachin supports Maitree’s resolve. In the midst of this, Princy sends Sachin a message, introducing an element of intrigue.

Vasundhara’s brother informs her that a prospective groom’s family will be visiting Princy the following day. Vasundhara speculates that Nandini will take advantage of this situation and try to persuade Vasundhara’s brother to proceed with the marriage. Raj intervenes, urging Princy to rest. Sachin ponders over the message and resolves to prevent any such occurrence, deciding to discuss the matter with Maitree.

Meanwhile, Nandini questions Ashish about his feelings after their recent date. Ashish responds positively but expresses his concern over Maitree’s current situation. Nandini implores Ashish to stop obsessing over Maitree and places blame on themselves, claiming that they all share responsibility for Maitree’s predicament. Ashish, however, refuses to absolve anyone of accountability for what Maitree is going through. Nandini, feeling guilty about her own actions towards Maitree, fears the consequences if Ashish were to discover the truth. She tries to comfort Ashish, reassuring him.

In another conversation, Sadhana asks Maitree about her plans for the next day. Maitree proudly presents a list of her new clients and announces her intention to meet with one of them. While Sadhana suggests considering marriage, Maitree requests a month’s time before meeting the potential suitors she has selected. Agreeing to Maitree’s terms, Sadhana acquiesces.

Maitree showcases her portfolio to clients, hoping to impress them. However, one of the customers recognizes Maitree from the news, where some NGO ladies were seen protesting against her. Maitree assures the client that she can explain the situation, to which the client maintains professionalism, emphasizing that her work is what matters. Grateful for the understanding, Maitree thanks the client and departs.

Elsewhere, Ashish notices Nandish deep in thought and approaches him. Nandish asks Ashish if Maitree despises him, leading to their separation. Ashish denies such claims and questions who might have told Nandish. Nandish implicates Nandini, suggesting that she

Nandish implicates Nandini, suggesting that she might have influenced his perception. Ashish reassures Nandish that there is no truth to those speculations.

Feeling relieved by Ashish’s response, Nandish acknowledges that no one is to blame for Maitree’s absence. They continue their conversation, sharing their thoughts and concerns.

Meanwhile, Maitree decides to call her family and inform them about the successful meeting. As she walks, she unexpectedly runs into Harsh, causing her to drop her documents. Maitree quickly picks them up but addresses Harsh using his full name, signaling her assertiveness. Harsh realizes that Maitree has been keeping an eye on him through social media and playfully teases her about it. Maitree, unfazed, bids him farewell and leaves, leaving Harsh intrigued. He proceeds to review Maitree’s client list, plotting his next move.

Later, Maitree decides to treat herself and visits a restaurant to enjoy a meal. Just as she settles down, her phone rings, and it’s Ashish on the other end. Ashish informs Maitree that Nandish wishes to speak with her and hands the phone over to him. Maitree engages in a heartfelt conversation with Nandish, taking her time to listen and respond. After their conversation concludes, Maitree hangs up the phone, ready to savor her lunch.

However, her peaceful meal is interrupted when she notices Harsh entering the restaurant accompanied by her client. Harsh takes the opportunity to get the client a drink, showcasing his persistence in securing events. Maitree becomes increasingly convinced that Harsh is willing to go to any lengths to outshine her.

With the episode coming to a close, Maitree’s journey becomes more complex as she navigates through professional challenges and personal connections. The viewers are left eager to see how she will handle the growing competition and if her path will intersect with Harsh’s once again.

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