Chashni 10th May 2023 Episode Written Update

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Chashni Written Update

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The episode of Chashni begins with an intense confrontation between Raunaq and Chandni. Raunaq accuses Chandni of trying to impress the family members through flattery and urges her to stop buttering them. Hurt by his words, Chandni leaves the scene, seeking solace elsewhere.

Chashni 10th May 2023 Episode Highlights:

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  • Raunaq accuses Chandni of trying to impress the family members and asks her to stop buttering them.
  • The maid brings a saree for Chandni, which Raunaq claims belonged to Roshni.
  • Raunaq calls Roshni and sends her an audio message, accusing her of planning a cheap scheme to make Chandni wear her clothes.
  • Nisha and Manav come home, and Nisha thanks him for teaching her photography skills.
  • Manav declines dinner and says he has to go home.
  • Meher hugs Gautam, but he gets irritated and argues with her, wanting to rest.
  • Meher feels an emptiness in their life due to not having any children.
  • Chandni decides to wear the saree for dinner despite it being Roshni’s.
  • Raunaq gives Chandni the saree and taunts her about not being able to handle herself.
  • Chandni gets ready and Raunaq admires her appearance.
  • Nisha takes a picture of Raunaq and Chandni together.
  • Sanjot mentions missing Sumer and the food he likes.
  • Nisha notices the same saree on Roshni and questions Chandni.
  • Chandni explains that Roshni gave her the saree.
  • Sanjot taunts Chandni, and Nani defends her.
  • During dinner, the servant accidentally steps on Chandni’s saree, causing her pallu to fall.
  • Gautam takes pictures of Chandni, and Raunaq rushes to cover her up when he notices Gautam’s presence.
  • Sanjot scolds Chandni for not being able to handle the saree.
  • Nani defends Chandni and questions Sanjot’s reaction.
  • Nisha expresses her disinterest in staying when good people are being insulted and leave.
  • Sanjot stands up for Chandni and confronts Raunaq, defending his wife.
  • Raunaq scolds Sanjot and claims Chandni as his wife, standing up for her.
  • Raunaq takes Chandni with him, leaving the others stunned.
  • Gautam sees the picture he took of Chandni and appreciates it.
  • Raunaq snatches Gautam’s phone and demands the deletion of Chandni’s picture.
  • Gautam laughs, which angers Raunaq, leading to a fight between them and the breaking of Gautam’s phone.
  • Chandni cries, and Nisha and Nani console her.
  • Chandni, overwhelmed by the insult, throws all the sarees from her cupboard.
  • Nani advises Chandni to try and forget the incident.
  • Nisha agrees with Nani’s advice.

Chashni 10th May 2023 Detailed Written Update:

Meanwhile, the maid brings a saree for Chandni, which Raunaq claims belonged to her sister, Roshni. Doubting his intentions, Chandni insists that he call Roshni and clarify the situation. Raunaq, however, takes matters into his own hands and sends an audio message to Roshni, accusing her of conspiring to make Chandni wear her clothes as part of a cheap scheme. He promises Roshni that he will stand by her and trouble Chandni, determined to make her leave the house.

In another corner of the house, Nisha and Manav make their entrance. Grateful for Manav’s guidance in photography, Nisha thanks him sincerely for teaching her the skills. However, Manav, declining the offer for dinner, explains that he must return home, leaving Nisha slightly disappointed.

Meher, who had been longing for Gautam’s affection, attempts to express her love through a warm embrace. However, Gautam, tired and irritable, enters into an argument with her, expressing his desire to rest. Meher’s heart sinks as she realizes the void that their childlessness has created in their lives. She silently prays for Gautam’s everlasting love and support.

Undeterred by the ongoing tensions, Chandni decides to wear the saree, despite it originally belonging to Roshni. Raunaq, ever the cynic, presents the saree to Chandni, taunting her about her inability to handle herself and the situations she finds herself in. Chandni, however, boldly accepts the saree, choosing to wear it with pride.

As Chandni gets ready for dinner, Raunaq observes her with a mix of admiration and intrigue. Sensing the opportunity, Nisha takes a picture of Raunaq and Chandni together, capturing a moment of intimacy. Unbeknownst to them, this photograph will soon become a significant point of contention.

During the family dinner, Sanjot, reminiscing about his brother Sumer, expresses his longing for him and the food he used to enjoy. Nisha, noticing the saree on Chandni, raises suspicion and questions her about its similarity to the one Roshni is wearing. Chandni confidently clarifies that it is indeed Roshni’s saree, given to her by her sister.

Sanjot, never one to miss an opportunity to taunt Chandni, ridicules her for her choices and lack of understanding of the Babbar family’s rules. Nani, however, comes to Chandni’s defense, emphasizing that wearing a saree shouldn’t be an issue and reminding everyone that it was purely accidental that Chandni’s saree was compromised.

In a dramatic turn of events, the servant accidentally steps on Chandni’s saree, causing her pallu to fall. In this vulnerable moment, Gautam captures pictures of Chandni. Raunaq, quick to react upon noticing Gautam’s actions, rushes to her side and covers her with his coat, shielding her from any further embarrassment. The tension in the room grows palpable.

Sanjot, frustrated by the entire situation, scolds Chandni for her apparent inability to handle the saree. Nani, firmly standing by her granddaughter, questions Sanjot’s reaction and defends Chandni’s right to wear the saree, which holds sentimental value as it belonged to her

sister, Roshni. Nani emphasizes that wearing the saree was a respectful gesture from Chandni, as she treasures the connection with her sister.

Nisha, feeling uncomfortable witnessing the insult and mistreatment of good-hearted people, decides to make her exit, expressing her disinterest in staying any longer. However, Sanjot, unwilling to tolerate any more disrespect, firmly asks her to shut up and stands up for Chandni, defending his wife against all accusations. The unexpected support from Sanjot brings a smile to Nani’s face, who appreciates his unwavering loyalty.

Raunaq, fueled by anger, scolds Sanjot and boldly claims Chandni as his wife, challenging anyone to say a word against her. He passionately asserts that no one should speak ill of Chandni without understanding her perspective and enduring the trials she faces. His fierce protectiveness surprises everyone in the room.

Raunaq, unable to bear the thought of anyone else possessing a picture of Chandni, notices Gautam admiring the photo he had taken. Raunaq quickly snatches Gautam’s phone from his hand and demands that he delete the picture. However, Gautam finds the situation amusing and begins to laugh, which further enrages Raunaq. A heated altercation ensues between the two men, culminating in Raunaq forcefully breaking Gautam’s phone in his rage.

Witnessing Chandni’s distress, Nisha and Nani rush to console her, offering their support and empathy. Chandni, overwhelmed by the humiliation she has endured, finds solace in their comforting words. As the weight of the incident weighs heavily on her, she takes a drastic action, clearing out her entire cupboard, throwing away all the sarees. It symbolizes her desire to let go of the pain associated with them.

Nani, understanding Chandni’s emotional turmoil, advises her to try and forget the incident, encouraging her to move forward with strength and resilience. Nisha, in agreement with Nani, reassures Chandni that time will heal the wounds, and she will emerge stronger from this challenging phase.

As the episode comes to an end, the characters are left grappling with the repercussions of the dramatic events that unfolded. The power dynamics within the family have shifted, and the impact of Raunaq’s protective stance over Chandni is felt by all. The stage is set for further twists and turns in the lives of the characters, promising an engaging and unpredictable journey in the future episodes of Chashni.

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